"Walk with Me" – Infant and Child Care Training for New Parents   

The mission of HKIYCNA is to support appropriate and adequate infant and young child nutrition in Hong Kong. The Association is also dedicated to its social responsibility and aims to contribute to the community by supporting those in need.

"Walk with me" – Infant and Young Care Training for Young Parents 2-year program provided by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Shatin Integrated Services Centre was sponsored by Hong Kong Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association since May 2014. It aimed to promote healthy eating habits for pregnant women and their children, as well as to provide breastfeeding skills and counseling and emotional support for teenage parents aged 25 or below. Over these two years, over 100 teenage parents and their families had received services.

Following the success of the program, HKIYCNA continued to support it for the second term from May 2017 to April 2019, with a more focused and comprehensive scope. Not only does the program supports young and teenage parents, it also now supports the more mature yet new parents. The second term of the program includes new services such as home-based mentoring scheme to provide cousultation on infant care skills and therapeutic groups for parents to learn how to reduce stress.

Through the efforts of social workers, the "Walk with Me" program successfully helped participating new parents improve their ability in dealing with challenges in infant and child care. More than 120 parents received relevant services, among which 30 parents received intensive case counseling services.