The "Walk with Me" program helped participating new parents improve their child care and parenting skills, and also provided education on prenatal and postnatal nutrition and diet. Through various training and learning opportunities on childcare and parenting, participants were able to enhance their abilities to take up the responsibility as a parent and learn to better take care of themselves and their babies.

Some participants are young parents with complex family backgrounds, such as from a single-parent family or have poor family relationships. Many of them are therefore eager to develop intimate relationships to seek love, care and understanding. "Walk with Me" program helped these young parents reflect on their growth and life journey, to think about life planning and to learn how to establish and maintain a healthy family.

In addition, as the program also provides services to parents in different life stages, participants can provide mutual support to each other and share challenges and life experiences. They can also share experiences on prenatal check-ups and infant and child care skills, which is very beneficial to young new parents.

Feedback from Participants

Young mother Wah:
"In the past, I thought my son was a naught boy. I was always dissatisfied with myself as my parenting skills were poor. I feel stressed to take care of my son. However, after joining the 'Walk with Me' program, I have learnt from other mothers how to tackle the problems of my son. I now feel more relaxed and happier."

New mother Ms Poon:
"Before joining the program, I always stayed at home with my baby, facing the walls every day. Sometimes I wanted to share my feelings but there was nobody I could talk to. Now I can always join the activities in the centre and have a chance to talk to other mothers. I don't feel lonely anymore and we always keep in touch through WhatsApp group."

New mother Mrs Leung:
"I am not good at cooking so I come to join the cooking class. I want to learn more skills on cooking so that I can cook for my baby and family, to make them happy. I have learnt many things from the 'Walk with Me 'program."

Young mother Man Man:
"I seldom contacted my friends after I was pregnant. I think they cannot understand my situation and my feelings. They are busy at studying, but I am busy at baby rearing, we don't have the same issues to discuss so I don't want to keep in touch with them. But now I am willing to share my thoughts and feelings with other mothers whom I meet in 'Walk with Me' program."