Activities Review   
  1. Cooking Class and Recipe Development Group

  2. Nutrition Snack Jamming Party
    Happy Father's Day Children's Day Christmas Party

  3. Community Workshop on Nutrition
    Talk on enhancing children attention and promoting nutrition knowledge Talk on preventing influenza and promoting nutrition knowledge Talk on parenting skills to both new parents and babies' caregivers

  4. Mutual Support Group for New Mothers

  5. Handicraft Interest Group for Promoting Mental Health

  6. Group for Enhancing Parent-child Relationship

  7. Parent-child Relationship Building Activities

  8. Community Education Mobile Stage Truck
    Street stationing in different districts by a mobile stage truck to promote the project by disseminating information on maternal and child health to the public.

  9. Home-based Mentoring Services
    Provide home visit cousultation on infant care skills and deliver baby necessities if needed

  10. "Walk with Me" Mobile Apps