"Pre-Order Safety Net" of Formula Milk for Local Babies (Milk Coupon Scheme)   

We understand parents' great concern over the supply of powdered formula. Six major formula milk supplier members under the Hong Kong Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association, together with the Hong Kong Chamber of Pharmacy Limited are committed to provide Hong Kong babies with precedence and sufficient supply of formula milk.

How can the "Pre-Order Safety Net" ensure parents of local babies get the powdered formula they need?

Step 1: Parents just need to call upon the service hotlines of relevant brands. They can register by providing the proof of their babies' identities(e.g. Hong Kong Birth Certificate). They will receive milk coupon within 2 to 3 working days.
Step 2: With the milk coupons, parents can purchase the powdered formula they need at those pharmacies which participate in the "Pre-Order Safety Net". Local parents will be given precedence to obtain the reserved powdered formula. Parents may take reference to the member list of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Pharmacy, and approach them to confirm if they joined the "Pre-Order Safety Net".
Step 3: In case the powdered formula is out of stock at a designated outlet, parents can reserve the product with the milk coupon and get it after 3 working days at the same outlet with the milk coupon receipt.

Besides, parents can purchase the powdered formula they need in any of the retail outlets. Alternatively, parents may also contact suppliers through their service hotlines for enquiries about other order arrangements.

We will pay close attention to the retail market situations, ensuring that there is sufficient powdered formula supply for Hong Kong babies at all times.

Six major formula milk suppliers have made a joint commitment to:

* Total quantity reserved for local babies each month by members of HKIYCNA namely Abbott, Cow and Gate, Friso, Mead Johnson, Nestle and Wyeth Nutrition. It is calculated with 6 tins of powdered formula for each local baby under 36 months, which will be adjusted based on the birth rate of the last 3 years.